The Taste
is our main goal in fruits and vegetables
The Quality
ensure the best production units
The varieties
which gives efficiency and time saving
The Customer
that satisfies the most demanding customer


that satisfies or even exceed our clients expectations


which is certified in the best production facilities


products which guarantees sufficiency to every customer

Customer service

consistently,immediacy and severity from the part of each employee

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The Martsoukos SA is now close to you and the Internet. We want you beside us in this effort.


  • Imports

    Large partnerships with firms from abroad ensuring thereby good prices and the continuous distribution of its products throughout the year More ...
  • Exports

    In direct collaboration with EPE MIMIS we expand our sales in European markets leading to a growing demand for our company products More ...
  • Feeds

    The SA MARTSOUKOS. supplies the bigger chains of markets in Greece and has managed to obtain stable partnerships More ...
The Martsoukos SA through its long course in the marketing of fruit and vegetables has created a large network of collaborators. More ...

Did you know ...

  • Fruits and vegetables are at the second base in the food pyramid Mediterranean diet, under which man should consume daily5 servings of fruits.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • The fruits, like the vegetables, in the same food category, is very important for human health, as they contain many vitamins and minerals (metals and minerals).

    Wikipedia, free encyclopedia
  • A balanced diet, which includes a variety of foods from all classes can provide nutrients and energy necessary to maintain our health.
    Fodor Christina, Dietitian